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Terms & Conditions of Our Service - Updated & Checked October 2017

Terms and conditions:

Please read the following terms and conditions and privacy policy before using any images4life limited service or this web site.

This is a legally binding agreement between you ("the customer") and images4life limited establishing the terms and conditions under which this web site & services may be used. Use of any services, whether instigated online, by phone, by written communication or in person, implies that "the customer" accepts these terms and conditions.

If "the customer" does not accept these terms and conditions, do not access this web site and do not use any images4life limited services.

Nothing on this web page or the web pages of any affiliate should be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities where it would be illegal to do so.

Company details

images4life limited is business located in the United Kingdom. The business registered address is 6 Wychwood Park, Weston, Cheshire. CW2 5GP. images4life limited offer services to customers in the UK, Ireland and worldwide.  The company registration number is 7179133

images4life limited is fully VAT registered and the VAT registration number is GB 803 0704 76.Jurisdiction and restrictions

images4life limited maintains this web site from the United Kingdom and images4life limited makes no representation that the material and information contained herein is appropriate or available for use in other locations/jurisdictions.

Products and services


images4life limited makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express, implied or statutory regarding this web site or the materials and information contained or referred to on each page associated with this web site. The material and information contained on this web site is provided for general information only and should not be used as a basis for making business decisions.

Any advice or information received via this web site should not be relied upon without consulting primary or more accurate or more up-to-date sources of information or specific professional advice. "The customer" is recommended to obtain such professional advice where appropriate. Geographic, political, economic, statistical, financial and exchange rate data is presented in certain cases in approximate or summary or simplified form and may change over time. Reliance has been placed by the editors on certain external statistical data which, though believed to be correct, may not in fact be accurate. images4life limited accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from action taken, or not taken, in reliance on material or information contained on this web site. In particular, no warranty is given that economic reporting information material or data is accurate reliable or up to date. images4life limited accepts no liability and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental or consequential loss or damage) from "the customer's" use of this web site, howsoever arising, and including any loss, damage or expense arising from, but not limited to, any defect, error, imperfection, fault, mistake or inaccuracy with this web site, its contents or associated services, or due to any unavailability of the web site or any part thereof or any contents or associated services. Please note that any software download from this web site is at your own risk and images4life limited neither assumes nor accepts liability for any loss or damage, (whether direct or indirect), howsoever caused, as a result of any computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms, software bombs or similar items or processes arising directly or indirectly from your use of this web site. Any hyperlinks from this web site exist for information purposes and are for your convenience only and images4life limited accepts no liability for

any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including consequential loss) from the accuracy or otherwise of materials or information contained on the pages of such sites or loss arising directly or indirectly from defects with such sites. images4life limited's inclusion of hyperlinks does not imply any endorsement of the material on such sites. images4life limited does not guarantee that any e-mails from the web site will be sent to you or received by images4life limited nor does images4life limited warrant the privacy and/or security of e-mails during internet transmission.

Use and disclosure of personal information

All information passed onto images4life limited will be handled with the greatest of care and at no time during credit card transactions will the card details be retained in full by images4life limited. All images including moving and still images will remain the personal property of "the customer" and at no time will copyright be applied on the material. "The customer" is using images4life limited to provide a transfer service only.

Customer Confidentiality

We take customer confidentiality extreamly seriously and and under no circumstance will we either disclose customer information and/or release any footage without written consent by the material owner. We only retain material with permission by the owner. Whilst we perform many transfers for high profile customers we never disclose this information on our website and/or as part of any communications. The privacy is paramount.


Website Cookies

As required by EU Law we notify all users of our website that we use website cookies in order to offer live chat functionality and also monitor our Google Adwords campaign. Each website user is given the option to accept or decline the use of cookies.

DVD production.

All DVD disks created by images4life limited will be created to the highest standard using disks manufactured by either Taiyo Yuden or Sony dadc. All DVD disks will be thermally printed in full colour. By using high quality DVD media images4life limited will create a DVD-r disk to the highest compatibility standard however it is the responsibility of "the customer" to ensure that the DVD player for use with the DVD disk fully supports the DVD-r format.


images4life limited reserves the right to select an appropriate supplier for the shipment of "the customer's" material, on a case by case basis.

The primary supplier will be DPD LOcal Ltd. Please see DPD Local website for their full terms and conditions of carriage.


images4life limited may use Royal Mail signed for service. Please see Royal Mail website for their full terms and conditions of carriage.


images4life limited reserves the right to use any courier other than the ones stated above with no prior warning or notice.

When agreeing to use Images4life Limited to either deliver or collect parcel the customer accepts that we will share contact details with the carrier in order to provide delivery ETA details.

All shipments of "the customer's" material will require a signature on receipt of goods.

"The customer" is fully responsible to ensure that any items shipped, either directly themselves or via an arranged courier collection, are packaged appropriately, safely, securely and clearly labelled.

Loss and damage.

"The customer" is responsible to review the shipping terms and conditions of any carrier, prior to use. Any loss or damage during transit must be taken up directly with the courier concerned, under their terms and conditions. images4life limited will be able to provide shipment tracking information on request, where applicable. images4life limited will not be held liable for any loss or damage of "the customer's" material, this includes photographic film, electronic equipment and/or any other item shipped to images4life limited or via any collection service requested.

Any loss or damage to photographic film, electronic equipment and/or any other item, while on images4life limited premises only, will be replaced at the physical value only, up to a maximum value of £100.

Pricing information

The latest retail pricing is located on images4life limited.com. All pricing is fully inclusive of VAT. images4life limited is a VAT registered company and as such manages the VAT payments back to the United Kingdom government.

For services offered outside of the United Kingdom VAT will not be applied to the final cost, however we will only export to a non-UK address in order to meet the United Kingdom regulations.

Refund Policy

After the product is returned should the customer not be satisfied with the results then they should contact Images4life Limited via email using address sales@images4life.com and we will work through the issues to find a suitable resolution for both parties.


Data Retention

As part of standard process the customer data including scans will be retained for a maximum of 6 weeks. Either after project completion or multi stage projects the data will be removed and deleted in order to recover space for other projects. Customers wishing to have data retained for a longer period should  request this from Images4life Limited and retain the confirmation.


Copyright material.

Any material sent to images4life limited must contain permission by the copyright owner to produce/duplicate the original. It is "the customer's" responsibility to seek this permission. images4life limited will provide a copyright indemnification form to cover this request/topic.


"The customer" hereby agrees to indemnify and to keep images4life limited fully and effectively indemnified against any action, liability, cost, claim, loss, damage, proceeding or expense (including legal fees, costs and expenses on a full indemnity basis) suffered or incurred by images4life limited arising from or which is directly or indirectly related to:

(a) your access to and/or use of images4life limited web site.

(b) any breach or non-observance of any of these terms and conditions by "the customer" or by any other person.


images4life limited reserves the right in its discretion to change without prior warning or notice any information or material contained on this web site and the terms and conditions under which this web site and services are available and/or used.

Intellectual property rights

All contents of this web site including, but not limited to the text, graphics, links and sounds are the copyright of images4life limited and may not be copied, downloaded, distributed or published in any way without the prior written consent of images4life limited.

Updated & Checked on a regular basis to ensure that you are clear on the service we deliver.


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